Monday, April 11, 2011

Bold Predictions.

I am going to go out on a limb here and make two predictions:

1) Tiger Woods will not break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors in his career.


2) Rory McIlroy will win a major this year.

Let me preface my first prediction with the fact that I am not a Tiger fan, however that only plays a small part in my projection of Tiger's future career. I do not think he will win 5 more majors for a number of reasons. The first reason being all of the young talent in the game of golf right now. Rory, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaymer, Francesco Molinari, Martin Laird, and on and on the list goes. From the previous list only Martin Kaymer has won a major and I am willing to bet just about every guy on that list will get at least one at some point in their career. Another reason Tiger won't win 5 more: he is 35 is not getting younger (but the game of golf is). That isn't very old however he's got a bum knee and we know that always plays a part in his game now. Also, bear in mind that Tiger has not won a major since June 16, 2008. He is in a serious drought and I do not see him getting on a streak and even winning multiple championships in a year. He has way too much on his mind: two kids, an estranged ex-wife, a continually changing golf game and the fact that the endorsement deals are not just falling in his lap anymore. Let's face it Tiger, you aren't who you used to be and I don't think you will get back there.

Now for my second prediction: Rory will win a major this year. That may be a bold prediction but he is a great golfer. Yes, he had a major meltdown, no disastrous, but he showed character and graciousness in his defeat. And don't forget he led the tournament for 63 holes. He also played 3 great days of golf (that were erased during one hole) but he will be able to put together 4 days of good golf. Now he knows what it takes. He will be back.

These are bold predictions, and they could be wrong, but that's what makes watching so great.

Why Tiger is really upset.

I wish I had a drink named after me!! Haven't I earned that yet?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best. Tournament. Ever.

What would be the best storyline to win the tournament this year? Would it be Kentucky rising to the top after losing John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, plus 3 other guys to the NBA draft? Or how about UConn proving their doubters wrong who did not give them a single preseason vote to be ranked in the top 25? What about VCU. Wait, who? Yeah, Virginia Commonwealth University, who most people (cough cough Jay Bilas) didn’t even think should have been in this tournament even as a “First Four” team. A team who made the most of their opportunity and won 5 games to get the Final Four. They would also be the first 11 seed to make it to the title game. That one has got to be the best, right?!

I think if there were any other situation, other than Butler making it back to the title game after losing their star in Gordon Hayward to the NBA and winning it all the very next year, I would have to pick the VCU story. But then there is Butler. A mid-major who made it to the final game last year and almost beat the mighty Dukies on a prayer that in almost every sports movie would have found a way in the basket. How can you not root for a coach like Brad Stevens who is only 34 years old and is the youngest coach to take his team to two Final Fours, consecutive Final Fours? How can you not root for a guy like Matt Howard, who, if you crossed him on the street you would think he probably works as a camp counselor for the YMCA rather than one of the top players in all of Division I basketball?

This team has become America’s sweethearts. They have worked their way, as an 8 seed, to be one of the last four teams standing in a grueling 68-team tournament where teams have beaten up on each other. And they have prevailed, beating quality opponents in ODU, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, and Florida. And in stunning fashion I may add.

Yes, if it weren’t for the Butler Bulldogs I would be rooting for the Rams and coach Shaka Smart to dance their way in the championship game and win it all. But you know deep down every single person on the Bulldogs staff wants to hoist that NCAA championship trophy in the air and tell Gordon Hayward, “Looks like we didn’t need you after all.”

Yes. That would make for a pretty sweet story.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Here are a few nicknames that I have come up with for some famous (and not so famous) athletes and sport's personalities:

Cam my-actual-name-is-Cameron-but-that's-too-hard-to-say Newton.

Jeff I-played-tight-end-for-Notre-Dame-betcha-can't-guess-who-I-play-for-now Samardjiza

Jay my-knee-surgery-is-scheduled-for-next-week Cutler.

Michael BALL-NIGHT Wilbon.

Brandon I-may-never-pitch-in-the-majors-again Webb.

Erik I-cry-after-every-loss Spoelstra.

Anthony Joseph Paul "Tony" Reali. No wait, that's is his actual name.

Derrik I'm-making-Arizona-relevant-again Williams.

Dustin I-WILL-win-a-major-in-2011 Johnson.

Jimmer. I can't take credit for that one!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



That is the only word you have to say and anybody who has any knowledge of college basketball or has watched any of the NCAA tournament knows who you are talking about. He is the real deal. After watching him for the first time a couple of months ago I said he is hands down POY. Sorry Kemba and Jared Sullinger, you guys are great, but you're no Jimmer. Regardless of whether his team makes it to the elite eight, final four or the final game he deserves that distinction. 

The current question facing Jimmer Fredette is how far he will take his team in the NCAA tournament? But the real question in the back of everyone's mind is can he make it at the next level? At 6'2'' and not even 200 pounds he does not have the ideal NBA body. But think about two current great PGs, Steve Nash and Derrick Rose: Jimmer has got almost 20 pounds on Nash and almost identical numbers to Rose. So, people, don't even go there with the body type.

Another question people have: will he be able to do his thing in the NBA against the length and quickness of the defenders? Don't make me laugh! Jimmer is a scorer and he knows how to get the ball in the basket. The NBA is not about defense. It is about scoring. The more ostentatious, the better. Fans are enthralled with the scorer. Especially the straight-from-high-school types in Kobe, Dwight, LeBron, Amare and even the one-and-done Melo.

Jimmer has much experience at the collegiate level which will help him at the professional level. If you have heard any of the drills that his brother had him do when he was younger or the fact that he played basketball with prison inmates then you know he is passionate and has a great work ethic. So let's just hope that he goes straight to the NBA and doesn't go on a mission become attached to his bike for the next two years.

(And I am totally admitting to jumping on the Jimmer band-wagon this year)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Sweet Sixteen

March is without a doubt the best sporting month of the year. Nothing even comes close. Each year there are new upsets, new Cinderella stories and new players to watch.
Here are 16 things to watch for in the sweet sixteen.

16. At least one team with a 10 seed or higher will make it to the elite eight, will it be VCU, FSU, Marquette, or Richmond?

15. Could the Southwest region have two double digit seeds in the elite eight?

14. Are the Aztecs the real deal?

13. Chandler Parsons, Derrick Williams and Jordan Taylor; they may not be named Jimmer, Kemba or Jared but they deserved to be watched.

12. Is the Big East even going to represent in the Elite Eight? 

11. Buzzer beaters. 

10. How far will Butler go? What are the chances of a rematch?

9. Charles Barkley. NOT! 

8. Maybe next week the guest commentator will be Steve Lavin or Jamie Dixion.

7. Will Kyrie make a national championship impact for the Dukies?

6. The Morris Twins. Sullinger. Kemba. Nolan Smith. And Kenall Marshall.

5. Will Coach K surpass Bob Knight for 903? Maybe even 904 and a repeat. 

4. One word: Jimmer.

3. The 2011 Cinderella.

2. My sweet sixteen game to watch: Duke and Arizona.

1. Bracket-busting UPSETS!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today is for lack of a better term, Lame!

Today is a landmark day for me.

I do not care about any televised sports action going on.

I know.....shocking! Right?!

But let's have a look at what is going on today:

The NBA--I hate the NBA and could care less what happens, let's be honest, there are only 4, maybe 5, teams that could win the title. Unless my Suns get in the playoffs and have a Cinderella run then I won't care. The only thing that even interests me in the league is the demise of the Miami Heat and LeBron as well as the failure of the Knicks and Melo. And I can watch all of the during my daily PTI fix.

Baseball is still doing their "spring training". Nothing more meaningless than that.

The First Four--WOW! The dumbest idea the NCAA could have! Why do you need to add three more teams?! We don't care about these play-in games. Go back to the 64 team format.

I don't know of anything else going on today and frankly I don't care. Tomorrow begins the best month in sports: March (and some of April). Those days will make up for the lame sports day that is today.